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Modern-day slavery, enabled by international loans

This video, produced by Freedom United, focuses on the issue of modern slavery taking place in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan. Freedom United is working to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery around the world.

In this video, Freedom United states the Uzbekistan government is operating the world's largest forced-labor cotton production industry: bringing in over one billion dollars of revenue every year. Approximately one million people, including children are forced by the government into working the cotton fields of Uzbekistan every year.

Uzbekistan is the fifth-largest cotton exporter in the world and in 2015, received a $500 million loan from the World Bank. Groups such as Freedom United and the International Labour Organization say the Uzbek government is controlling and actively perpetuating a state-run, coercive labor force.

Freedom United projected images and videos of people in Uzbekistan whose human rights are being violated by their government onto the World Bank building. These images of human rights violations were taken by Uzbek civil society activists.

This video shows Freedom United's mission to bring awareness to the problem of modern slavery, an issue that many do not realize still exists in the world.



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