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Community activism that focuses on economic and social change

The Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ) is a grass-roots community organization based in Boston, Massachusetts dedicated to building and delivering a variety of community services and programs.


CSJ recruits and develops leaders from low income backgrounds and organizes campaigns to address economic survival issues that people face. The CSJ agenda includes:

  • Funding essential community services through progressive taxes
  • Workers’ rights
  • Affordable housing
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Welfare
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Immigrant rights
  • Environmental justice

CSJ bases its work on the following principles:

  • Unity. CSJ is committed to building an organization that brings together activists from varied segments of the community by uniting families on welfare, senior citizen activists, rank-and-file union leaders and community activists into one organization.
  • Multi-issue. CSJ is building a multi-issue organization that adds strength and helps support the efforts of other single-issue organizations. By working collaboratively with progressive legislators and other social action groups around the state, CSJ has developed a multi-issue agenda called the “Campaign for Working Families,”, which addresses such issues as revenue, tax reform, jobs, wages, child care, health care, housing, education, and the safety net.
  • Power in grass-roots organization. The key factor determining the ability to make a difference in the community is the size of its network of grass-roots activists. Whether building support for the initiatives of constituent organizations or developing independent campaign, CSJ seeks to empower ordinary people to change social policies that affect their lives. The CSJ organizing approach focuses both on developing commitment and leadership of people new to social activism, and on working with existing activists and organizations to strengthen their effectiveness.



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