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Evolution from boarding kennel to animal rescue

Moorview Rescue was established in 2009 by a couple that saw a need to help unwanted and neglected dogs in the U.K. Here, MissionBox co-founder and CEO, Kathryn Engelhard-Cronk talks with Michelle Hennon, a volunteer with Moorview Rescue, recipient of a MissionBox Philanthropic Fund Grant, about the dedicated volunteers working to helping unwanted dogs and cats find permanent homes in Yorkshire.

Tell us what Moorview Rescue does differently from other animal rescues.

Moorview Rescue is very small dog rescue that started with a couple: Joanne and Darren Brydon, who started operating a boarding kennel and cattery in 2008. In 2009, Joanne and Darren started rescuing dogs from the pound, being keenly aware of the fate of most dogs, where after seven days they are put down. Despite doing it on their own with no funding, they continued to take these dogs in. Over the past several years, it's only gotten bigger. Moorview takes in dogs from from pounds all over the country and from owners as well.

Moorview Rescue takes in a lot of dogs like pit bulls and shepherds, breeds that a lot of other shelters won't accept. These breeds can be harder to home than others such as spaniels or retrievers, but we believe that they all deserve a chance. Everybody works here on a volunteer basis, so we're completely reliant on donations. We're doing a lot of publicity and trying to increase awareness of what we do.

I am happy that Moorview Rescue will be able to use the MissionBox Philanthropic Grant funds for food, medical care and such.

Last month we homed 25 dogs: three needed dental work, another one arrived with conjunctivitis and infected paws, and yet another came in with sore ears. We had a large vet bill in March, so our funds get depleted quickly. We also pay for all the animals to be neutered and vaccinated, and they receive a general health check and are de-wormed. It’s really expensive to keep it going. Every month we struggle to make ends meet, and the MissionBox Philanthropic grant funds will go towards helping us with those expenses.

What is it about Moorview Rescue that inspires you to give so much of your time and effort to assist these animals?

I'd been volunteering for three years and always wanted to help with animals. Then it came up on Facebook that the rescue was looking for dog walkers. I started off dog walking and then moved into fundraising and PR. I manage the Moorview Rescue’s Facebook page, send out a newsletter and also help them use other social media to raise funds.

If no one helps, what's going to happen to them? The dogs don't have any choice and I just can't bear to think of that happening. Over the past few years we've got a lot more volunteers on board and people are starting to know about us. I think we are all the same — passionate about the dogs and their welfare.

Joanne and Darren own the rescue and continue to operate the kennels. They are there all the time and the rest of us just slot in with them. Everybody's got a part to play.

Many nonprofits and charities are working save animals in all different sorts of situations. Can you tell us about a rescue situation that really stands out for you?

We learned via Facebook that there was a dog living in a shed in a very bad way. She was terrified when one of the trustees went to get her, and within two days of her being with us, she gave birth to 11 puppies! So rather than taking just one dog into our care, we got 12. The mother and puppies were there for eight weeks, but they all got homes, mom included.

The reality is that it is expensive to care for that many dogs. It’s vital to have the funds available to cover that kind of emergency.

We do everything with volunteers and we’re all doing it out of passion for animals.

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Joanne and Darren Brydon are the proud owners of Moor-view Kennels and Cattery, located in Bewerley, North Yorkshire. Not long after starting their business, it became evident there was a huge need for a local rescue centre, and so Moorview Rescue was born. The rescue is run by trustees Joanne Brydon, Darren Brydon, Alice FitzGerald, Alex Jane Russell MRCVS, and Michael Richard Rooze LLB.To learn more about Moorview Rescue, visit



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