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Support success with funding structure, leadership selection and control

In the course of supporting innovative programs and efforts to impact the community, state or the world, many foundations find themselves doing more than simply funding programs. They're also running programs. Over the past decade, a growing number of foundations have found themselves in this situation โ€” deciding that their impact could be greater if they "spin off" the program from the foundation.

Transforming a program into an independent entity is a delicate balance. You must provide enough independence that the new organization or effort can forge its own path while also ensuring that the strategy and mission remain in sync with the initial intent.

Funding and leadership structures, both of which have implications for the organization's tax status and legal structure, are the two primary ways parent foundations can guide the new organization's direction. See this four-page booklet โ€” which appears courtesy of Kelsey Vatsaas, nonprofit manager at CliftonLarsonAllen โ€” for practical tips.

Setting Up a Philanthropic Spin-Off

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