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Excellent boards are made, not born

Excellence in board governance requires success in four crucial areas: leadership, organizational structure, fiduciary duties and board culture. But what does excellence mean for a nonprofit board, and how is it measured? More importantly, how does a board map a path to that goal?

Use the paper attached below — which appears courtesy of John S. Griswold and William F. Jarvis of the Commonfund Institute — as a guide. While reviewing the functions, practices and policies of excellent boards, you'll learn what boards look like when they're at the top of their game.

Sections of the 2014 paper include:

  • The board's purpose and roles
  • Board structure, composition and other key attributes
  • Committees of the board
  • The executive director or president
  • Strategic planning
  • Putting it all together

The Commonfund Institute is dedicated to the advancement of investment knowledge and the promotion of best practices in financial management.

Strive for the Best: Building and Maintaining an Excellent Board



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Advancing investment knowledge and promoting best practices in financial management