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Antonio Love has spent his career helping organizations access the very best, most affordable and tailored HR services, helping dreams of growth and mission delivery success come true.  He offers nonprofits of any size – from the smallest to the largest – a free thirty-minute assessment of your nonprofit’s HR needs and recommends solutions for the best way to address them, while setting the stage for organizational development.

This interview was conducted by Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk, CEO of MissionBox, Inc.

Why are you so interested in helping nonprofits with their HR needs?

I am very fortunate to have a beautiful and healthy family, a great career with TriNet Human Resources and a strong spiritual foundation.  I know I am blessed and hold a commitment to giving back to those in need.  For instance, I am a weekly volunteer in a Sarasota-area prison, offering community re-entry preparation and support services. It is so gratifying to make a difference to ex-offenders: men who desperately want to successfully re-join their families and public life. I know that non-profits have a passion for helping people while also  running a business. I would like to assist in offloading those HR task, so they can focus on what they do best. I’ve learned that ex-offender re-entry programs are proven to help reduce reoffending rates. I am proud to be even a small part of helping these individuals start a new life. 

Nonprofit human resources: What are today’s challenges?

I recognize that the complexities of HR are usually outside both the mission of nonprofits and the experience of most nonprofit managers -- especially in our country’s rapidly changing HR landscape. Nonprofit compliance with new or modified HR-related laws, guidelines, programs and employee policy/procedure requirements (varying from state-to-state) detract from management mission-critical tasks: fundraising, community outreach and service provision. Our team of experts know that together we can partner with any nonprofit to offer the best HR, operational and administrative functional support, so the real focus for the nonprofit remains successful mission delivery. 

TriNet’s motto is: “Incredible starts here.” What does that motto mean for nonprofits?

After my initial one-on-one, confidential discussion with a nonprofit manager about their unique HR needs, challenges and opportunities, I can ensure that he/she is offered access to the leading edge of human resources expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and technology.  I then put a highly diverse and skilled TriNet HR team together, all dedicated to supporting the nonprofit’s HR plan.  I just don’t see how any nonprofit can otherwise access a more tailored, best practice package of support services, solutions and HR guidance.  My colleagues and I are some of the most knowledge-able HR experts in the world, and we are all focused on providing leading-edge HR solutions while freeing-up nonprofit to fulfill their mission.

Why is a focus on getting the right HR package so important to nonprofits?

There are many compelling arguments for outsourcing nonprofit HR, including:

  • Restoring focus on core programs and fundraising
  • Accessing skills and technology that don’t exist in-house
  • Reducing nonprofit organization and management staff/board legal and financial risk re: noncompliance with every employment law
  • Saving time and money
  • Accessing the latest HR benefit opportunities and solutions

To keep outsourcing costs in perspective, try comparing the expense of out-sourcing against the hidden costs of poor HR practices — such as failure to recruit Nonprofit employees are, of course, a valuable asset to your nonprofit and should be treated as such; they are often highly-trained and always critical to mission success.

All nonprofit managers who I meet want to provide the best possible HR benefits and services to their staff team. I can help make that happen, at an affordable cost. and retain talented employees, or lawsuit and court costs due to noncompliance. Remind board members and funders about this when they review your HR budget.

How can our nonprofit leadership readers learn more about your services?

In my experience, it makes good sense for me to spend a few minutes just talking with each nonprofit about their HR needs.  Each nonprofit is unique: their size, budget, location and HR goals all set the direction for what HR services and solutions I will ultimately recommend. One size does not fit all when it comes to best serving nonprofits. A quick phone conversation can help ensure that I can put together a human resource proposal that is tailored to any nonprofit’s requirements.  Along with TriNet, I offer HR consultancy services to nonprofits anywhere in the U.S. and in Canada.

I invite any nonprofit who is seeking HR guidance to contact me here.  I’ll use the extensive resources of TriNet, a fifty-year old, award-winning HR solutions firm, to design a recommended HR plan that is perfect for each nonprofit organization.



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